Sunday, February 8, 2009

Avi & David's

New York, NY 10021
(212) 486-6004

A Kosher Deli with Goiim help housed in the Trump Plaza apartment complex in the Upper East Side...need I say more?
The food looks okay and the lox spread (on a bagel for $4.99) was not bad. The bagel on the other hand was pretty tough and seemed old.

Service could be better and you might have some communication problems with the staff. The woman next to me was asking for a sesame bagel and the counter man started cutting a cinnamon raisin! She and the counter person were having an endless exchange of words and I just wanted to get my lunch and get out of there fast!
They were having problems with their credit card reader and were too quick to say that there was a problem with my card. After I told them to check their machine thoroughly and they checked all the wires for connections, my card finally went through. I was almost going to ask to see a Manager (they have a Mashgichim or Rabbi on the premise) but I figured that after seeing many other people walk in, gawk at the offerings and then leave for somewhere else, I decided to just take my lunch and leave. The place is a store front and seating is few.
The prices are pretty steep but I suppose if your landlord is The Donald, you have to raise your prices to make the rent!

They are toted as the only 24 hour Kosher Bagel Shop in New York and close on Fridays.
Personally I would check out the other 24 hour bagel shops that cover most of Manhattan's Upper East Side for better value and fresher offerings.

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  1. This place has since closed on a recent visit to the neighborhood.