Monday, April 4, 2011

Wing Shoon Seafood Restaurant

165 E Broadway
New York, NY 10002
(212) 780-0238

Located on the corner of East Broadway and Rutgers, this little Chinese Restaurant offers Dim Sum for as little as $2 a plate (Monday through Friday only)!
I came here with a friend today to experience their dim sum. The restaurant is filled with mainly large round banquet tables so we wound up having to share a table with other lunch patrons.

Atypical of dim sum service, a card with a grid on it to designate how many dishes and of what size you consumed is placed at your side and the cart comes around with steamed, baked, and braised specialties all on various sized plates. $2 for small plates, $2.50 for medium, and $3 for large.

We chose shu mai and har gow ($2.50 per plate), stuffed tofu skin and braised spare rib tips ($2 per plate) and a steamed pork bun (80¢) and a small bowl of rice. Check came out to $10.05!
The food is very tasty and pretty good. The service is somewhat cordial as they were attentive but English is not their strong point. You may have to come here with someone who speaks Cantonese (or Mandarin). The menu is in English and in Chinese.

Overall a wonderful experience and easy on the wallet!

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  1. wow what a deal NYC rocks for great eats wish we lived closer