Sunday, May 5, 2013

BBQue's Smoke Shack

668 6th Ave
New York, NY 10010
(212) 929-4227

Stopped by here for late lunch yesterday with friends after we found it on the AAdvantage Dining Program. The place was packed! I didn't read any iDine or Yelp reviews before I came here so I wasn't swayed in my own personal review.

First, the place is quaint and small decorated with wooden walls and metal signs to give it a "rustic shack" feel. You approach the counter where you can see their menu up behind them on the wall. A variety of barbeque sauces are listed. I chose the puled pork sandwich ($7.95) and added the waffles fries and drink (additional $3.95). After you pay, you are given a white card with a number and you then proceed to fill your cup from the soda machine or iced tea machine (feeling that I should stick with the Southern theme, I chose to go with iced tea).

Now find yourself a table. Park your seat and admire the decor and signs that adorn the walls as you wait. I thought the cashier people were going to call your number when your order was up but was pleasantly surprised when they came over with my order on what looks like a mini baking tray. They did the same for my friends' orders as well! The wait was not very long IMHO about as long as it takes to walk to the drink dispenser and back to your table twice (YES! Free refills!)
There is a large flat screen TV for people to watch the game.

The pulled pork was warm and moist. The Tennessee Whiskey Sauce I chose to have it tossed in was tasty with depth of flavor and the bun that it was tucked into was soft and sweet. The pickle slices were a pleasant surprise as a flavor foil against the sweet and smoky. Reminiscent of a Cuban sandwich. My waffle cut fries were hot, crispy, and well seasoned. Two bottles of extra sauces are available alongside the bottle of ketchup on your table: Honey BBQ and Mexican Spicy.

My friend ordered collard greens as a side which I sampled. Nothing extraordinary. Tasted like it might have come from a large can (especially since the collards were cut SO uniformly). As a foodie and someone who also cooks, you have to be REALLY obsessive compulsive to get each piece exactly 1/4" square. Bread pudding is also offered here which I will have to try the next time.

Overall, a pleasant and satifying experience.

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